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The Most recent Lessons on taking your business global

How to start and Import-Export Business How to bargain overseas How to get a 2nd passport How to manage people overseas How to know if you can live in a country How to cold call foreign executives How to choose which country to start your business
10 need-to-knows about business in China How to outsource 10 need-to-knows about business in Latin America How to commit Geo Arbitrage How to move abroad and keep your current job How to prepare to be a global business professional How to set up an international location

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Find you category of interest below!    

Career -Click here to learn all there is to know about How to build a career in International Business

 Culture-Click here to learn all there is to know on how to bring cultural differences to your advantage

entrepreneurship– How to Start or expand a business abroad

Finance – How to master your business finances including start-up/expansion costs, geo-arbitrage, cash flow, etc

health/fitness— How to stay in shape and eat healthy no matter where you are or how frequently you travel.

Management– How to manage International teams &  employees overseas and from far distances.

Outsourcing– Exactly how to outsource, how to leverage your time and save costs.

Passport/citizenship– How to get a 2nd passport/citizenship.

Preparation/ Training– How to prepare to be an international business professional: what to start doing in your current career, what to study, who to network with.

Sales – How to sell your product/service to international companies, customers, and to foreign executives.

South America/ Latin America– How to do business in Latin America: What you need to know.

Strategy– How to plan, what to be prepared for in opening/operating an international business or location.

Transfer– How to get transferred to a a company’s overseas office.

Travel– How to travel effectively and be productive as a global business professional.

Asia– What you need to know about doing business in soon to be the most important part of the world

Africa– What you need to know about doing business in the soon to be fastest growing part of the world

China– What you need to know about doing business in the world’s future super power

Marketing– What you need to know on how to market to anyone anywhere in the world

Negotiation– How to negotiate, bargain, and get the best of any deal anywhere in the world.

Networking– How to build your global network to begin conducting international business immediately.

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